Integrated Exchange

FLASH, in partnership with Mammoth, AG, a new exchange being developed in Liechtenstein, will be providing in wallet exchange for crypto coins and FLASH.

  • Mammoth will be a state-of-the-art licensed exchange based in Liechtenstein.
  • In-FLASH-web-wallet exchange between FLASH and BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, and others
  • Purchase crypto coins right in the FLASH web wallet using your credit or debit card. (note: may not be available in all countries)
  • Integration with local banking gateways to buy/sell FLASH, BTC, (note: depends on local money service partner)
  • Integrated Mammoth cold storage. Offline and secure.

Human Teller Machine (HTM)

For places where financial services are in short supply, our FLASH community comes to the rescue. Use the app to locate the closest FLASH trading partner and arrange a time and place to meet up. Make your trade and a new friend.

  • Application can locate the closest available FLASH community member interested in trading FLASH (in development)
  • Traders rate each other, like Uber for money
  • Always meet in a public place to trade - trade safe, stay safe