What is FLASH?

FLASH is a reinvention of Litecoin, built to scale for worldwide commerce and fast enough to handle everyday transactions. The flexible and easy to integrate core code allows exchanges and wallets to add FLASH to their platform within hours. With a settlement time of around 5 seconds and consensus within 2 minutes, anyone, anywhere can use the FLASH mobile wallet as easily as cash or credit card.

Why Was FLASH Created, What Problems does it Solve?

FLASH is designed to be a decentralized, real world remittance platform, solving problems which BitCoin and Litecoin failed to address with respects to transaction volume, transaction speed, and transaction fees. It also solves the problems other coins have in regards to high electricity consumption and the mining 'arms race'.

How Fast Are FLASH Transactions?

FLASH can be sent and confirmed within seconds.

How Many Transactions Per Second can be Performed On The FLASH Blockchain?

The FLASH decentralized blockchain processes several thousand transactions per second.

Is FLASH Decentralized?

Yes, FLASH is decentralized. With FLASH, there is no central authority which can control or prevent the propagation of a transaction.

How Can FLASH Be Decentralized Yet Facilitate Transactions in Seconds?

FLASH can facilitate fast transactions while being decentralized via a novel delegate-based consensus model called FLASH Consensus (FC), where Elected Delegates vote in trusted Miners who are assigned a single 5 second window for block creation. See the Whitepaper for details.

How Fast is Consensus on FLASH Transactions?

If the Elected Miner pool of 25 miners are all mining blocks, transactions will be finalized after 100 confirmations, which takes approximately 65 seconds. Coins can be resent after as little as 5 seconds. See the Whitepaper for details.

How Does FLASH Stand Out From All the Other Altcoins Out There?

While Bitcoin and Litecoin may be the gold and silver of the cryptocurrency space today, they are simply not suitable for day to day remittance applications. FLASH is a decentralized cryptocurrency which processes thousands of transactions per second, at a cost of a fraction of a penny, making it an ideal way to send value worldwide.

How Secure is FLASH?

A fully open, distributed blockchain network is vulnerable to a 51% attack. However, the FLASH blockchain is not open to public mining and can’t be manipulated by computational advantage. With FLASH, block generation rights are assigned to trusted miners who can be removed if necessary. This design reduces the possibility of a 51% attack, but also comes with a fast method to stop an attack when detected. See the Whitepaper for details.


No, FLASH is not an ICO.

Is FLASH a Security?

No, FLASH is a community coin. FLASH is open source and is not controlled by a central authority.

Is FLASH Open Source?

FLASH is a 100% open source coin. Check out our GITHUB.

What is the Total Supply and the Circulating Supply of FLASH?

The total supply and circulating supply of FLASH is fixed at 900 million coins. This will never change.

Can I Mine FLASH?

All FLASH in existence have been premined and were airdropped at inception. In order to secure the network, the FLASH Consensus algorithm employs trusted Miners who are elected by Delegates. In order to be a Miner, one must be elected as a Delegate Node, while also staking a minimum of 2 million FLASH.

How Many FLASH are Required For a Delegate Node?

In order to host a Delegate Node, a Delegate must stake a minimum of 1 million FLASH in the Qt wallet. See the Whitepaper for details.

Where Can I Read the FLASH Whitepaper?

Check out our FLASH Whitepaper Documentation.

Who Are The Developers Behind FLASH?

The FLASH development team is lead by Capt. Nomad. All other developers are listed on the FLASH website team page.

Where Can I Buy FLASH?

FLASH can be purchased on any of the respective exchanges it is listed on. All exchanges are listed here.

How Many Different Wallets Does FLASH Have?

Currently there is the desktop (Qt wallet), Web Wallet, Paper Wallet, Android mobile wallet and iOS mobile wallet.

FLASH is also supported by third-party wallets Coinomi, Coin Payments and Ethos.

FLASH will soon be supported by Trezor as well.

How Can I Get A FLASH Wallet?

All respective wallets are available on the FLASH website.

Does FLASH Have A Mobile Wallet?

Yes, FLASH currently has an Android wallet which can be found in the PlayStore and an iOS wallet which can be found in the Apple iTunes store.

Android wallet: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.coinapps.flash.wallet.android

Apple iOS wallet: https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/coin-apps-flash-wallet/id1397010514

Where Can I Discuss FLASH With Others?

FLASH is actively discussed by community members in Discord and Telegram, as well as the other relevant social media platforms.

Discord: https://discord.gg/2nFmMqA

Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/C5go9ExsGGNeVvForEgb6w

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/FlashCoins/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/FlashCoins

Can I Add My Assistance and Help The FLASH Team?

Yes, FLASH is a community coin and everyone is encouraged to offer their skillset. Simply contact a staff member in the FLASH Discord for more details.