Merchant Services

FLASH is designed to be SPENT. It’s ideal for merchants, providing very fast processing time to speed customer checkout and very low fees. Credit cards cost merchants billions a year in transaction fees, while FLASH is the true person to person community coin providing transaction processing for under a penny per transaction and no chargebacks or merchant holdback accounts. When you accept a FLASH transaction, it goes right into your wallet and it’s 100% yours to immediately spend.

If a merchant pays 2% transaction fees with credit cards and they have a 10% pretax income on their business, credit card fees are like a 20% tax on their business. FLASH savings add up quickly and go right to the bottom line.

FLASH merchant services will include:

  • Powerful and easy to use FLASH web wallet can turn any consumer into a merchant
  • Using the FLASH web wallet, any employee can accept FLASH payments, only the manager can access the FLASH in the wallet.
  • Merchant signage can be printed on any inkjet printer in all supported FLASH languages (future feature)
  • Reporting to track sales (future feature)
  • Cashback in local currency calculator (based on FLASH exchange prices) (future feature)
  • Point of Sale terminal integration (future feature)
  • NFC capability like Apple Pay (future feature)