How to create a safe FLASH coin paper wallet for cold storage

Step 1: How to create Ubuntu live USB stick?

Please follow steps to create Ubuntu live USB given on below link

Step 2: How to run Ubuntu from live USB?

Please follow steps given on below link

Step 3:

Download the zip file of paper wallet from ( copy the code to a live Ubuntu, Please refer screenshots.
You can use online version of paper wallet at and Go to Step 5(b).

Step 3 (a):

Step 3 (b):

Step 4: Extract the zip file shown in screenshots

Step 4 (a):

Step 4 (b):

Step 5: Click on the index.html found in the extracted files from the download. This will open FLASH wallet generator page in bowser. Please refer the screenshot

Step 5 (a):

Step 5 (b):

Step 6: On FLASH Walletgenerator page, press multiple keys and at the same time mouse to provide maximum randomness to the input for generating FLASH paper wallet,
Continue the process until FLASH paper wallet is generated, please refer

Step 6 (a):

Step 6 (b):

Step 6 (c): The paper wallet will consist of Public Address and Private Key, Please refer screenshot

How to import paper wallet to QT wallet?

Step 1: Open QT wallet and go to Help -> Debug Window -> Console.

Step 1 (a):

Step 1 (b):

Step 2: Import the private key by using below commands,

Please refer

importPrivatekey "YourPrivateKeyhere" "label"

After the import of private key, the blockchian will rescan for few minutes, once imported you would be able to send the funds of paper wallet from QT.

Step 2 (a):

Step 2 (b):

Step 2 (c):

Step 2 (d): If the wallet is encrypted, we will get error stating "Please enter the wallet passphrase with walletpassphrase first code (-13)". To resolve this, We need to unlock the wallet and enter the below command,

Please refer

Step 2 (e):

Step 2 (f): walletpassphrase "YourSecretPassPhrasehere" timeout e.g walletpassphrase "YourSecretPassPhrasehere" 600 Once wallet is unlock, we can follow the procedure in step 2 to import the key,

Please refer

Step 2 (g):