Remittances are a huge international market, over 250m people left their homes in search of work and most of them send remittances home to their loved ones. Almost $1T are sent annually. Wouldn’t it be great if the cost of these remittances were nearly zero? Wouldn’t that help people back home to keep more of their money?

With FLASH, anyone can send cryptocoins anywhere in the world in seconds for almost free. The FLASH remittance eco-system includes:

  • Crypto coin exchanges
  • Crypto coin ATM’s
  • Human ATM’s - people who exchange crypto coins for local currency
  • Merchants - who accept FLASH in trade
  • Language support for the top six Indian languages, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and Portuguese

FLASH can be used anywhere, but we expect the first countries to adopt FLASH will be India, Philippines and other Asian countries and Latin America.