Upcoming Features


Remittances are a huge international market, over 250m people left their homes in search of work and most of them send remittances home to their loved ones. Almost $1T are sent annually. Wouldn’t it be great if the cost of these remittances were nearly zero? Wouldn’t that help people back home to keep more of their money?

With FLASH, anyone can send cryptocoins anywhere in the world in seconds for almost free. The FLASH remittance eco-system includes:

  • Crypto coin exchanges
  • Crypto coin ATM’s
  • Human ATM’s - people who exchange crypto coins for local currency
  • Merchants - who accept FLASH in trade
  • Language support for the top six Indian languages, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and Portuguese

FLASH can be used anywhere, but we expect the first countries to adopt FLASH will be India, Philippines and other Asian countries and Latin America.

Merchant Services

FLASH is designed to be SPENT. It’s ideal for merchants, providing very fast processing time to speed customer checkout and very low fees. Credit cards cost merchants billions a year in transaction fees, while FLASH is the true person to person community coin providing transaction processing for under a penny per transaction and no chargebacks or merchant holdback accounts. When you accept a FLASH transaction, it goes right into your wallet and it’s 100% yours to immediately spend.

If a merchant pays 2% transaction fees with credit cards and they have a 10% pretax income on their business, credit card fees are like a 20% tax on their business. FLASH savings add up quickly and go right to the bottom line.

FLASH merchant services will include:

  • Powerful and easy to use FLASH web wallet can turn any consumer into a merchant
  • Using the FLASH web wallet, any employee can accept FLASH payments, only the manager can access the FLASH in the wallet.
  • Merchant signage can be printed on any inkjet printer in all supported FLASH languages (future feature)
  • Reporting to track sales (future feature)
  • Cashback in local currency calculator (based on FLASH exchange prices) (future feature)
  • Point of Sale terminal integration (future feature)
  • NFC capability like Apple Pay (future feature)

Integrated Exchange

FLASH will be providing in wallet exchange for crypto coins and FLASH.

  • In-FLASH-web-wallet exchange between FLASH and BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, and others
  • Purchase crypto coins right in the FLASH web wallet using your credit or debit card. (note: may not be available in all countries)
  • Integration with local banking gateways to buy/sell FLASH, BTC, (note: depends on local money service partner)
  • Integrated cold storage. Offline and secure.

Human Teller Machine (HTM)

For places where financial services are in short supply, our FLASH community comes to the rescue. Use the app to locate the closest FLASH trading partner and arrange a time and place to meet up. Make your trade and a new friend.

  • Application can locate the closest available FLASH community member interested in trading FLASH (in development)
  • Traders rate each other, like Uber for money
  • Always meet in a public place to trade - trade safe, stay safe